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Chemistry - Strategic Brand Formulation

Client: Boffins Bookshop

Project: Identity, Signage and Promotional Material

Boffins is an established bookshop that has developed a strong reputation for its good range and efficient service. While the company branding was well recognised, the image itself was not particularly strong and had been allowed to languish. It was clear that a brand review was desperately needed.

Chemistry devised a logo that has a unique double meaning. The classic thinking pose of a hand holding a chin can also be viewed as a hand holding a book.

Boffins is very open to new and innovative ideas, so for us, producing promotional booklets and advertising materials for sales and events is creatively satisfying. Throughout the year we also design product booklets, instore posters, web banners and press advertisements for the various seasonal holidays. Through refreshing the brand, Boffins now has a smart and savvy identity that reflects the quality of the business.

Boffins Bookshop