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Chemistry - Strategic Brand Formulation

Client: HBF

Project: Brandmark

HBF Medical Insurance approached Chemistry to help them evolve their outdated logomark. A great amount of preliminary research and preparation was undertaken before concepting ideas for the new image. A competitor analysis was created to give us an idea as to how to differentiate HBF in the marketplace.

Many diverse directions were explored and presented for discussion, the whole process taking three months to complete. The previous logo was placed at an angle, therefore it seemed suitable to use italics as this would mimic the original slant. Lowercase Myriad was chosen as a more approachable typestyle; the flow through the 'f' was created to add more memorability to the mark. The colour blue was researched and a royal blue was agreed upon at the end of the project.

Focus groups were then held and a positive reaction to the logo was received from its existing members plus target market.

HBF Logo

HBF Signage