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Chemistry - Strategic Brand Formulation

Client: Kailis Organic Olive Groves

Project: Identity, Packaging and Company Literature

Kailis Organic Olive Groves produce organic olive oil products for the emerging organic foods market. Organic refers to foods that are produced without the use of fertilisers or pesticides. Keeping this in mind, Chemistry created proprietary packaging for the products that was well suited to the market.

A white dove carrying an olive branch was chosen to represent the brand. This has dual significance. Not only does it symbolise purity, but also the biblical promise of new land, reflecting the fresh frontier of organic foods. The packaging materials and finishes have been carefully selected to reinforce the natural, wholesome values of the company.

Since the identity was created, the product has been accepted by leading retail chains in Australia, and Harvey Nichols in the UK, and has been selling well against major international competition.

Kailis Organic Olive Groves